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WinCDG Pro 2 2.7

WinCDG Pro 2 is the All-in-One solution for the home KJ. WinCDG...

WinCDG Pro 2 is the All-in-One solution for the home KJ. WinCDG Pro 2 now adds direct CD+G and VCD playback, plus MP3+G creation and playback.

Our new ultra-fast display routines work on even low-end PC`s and supports the complete CD+G specifications. New support for special CD+G effects such as scrolling, fading, colour cycling, and channel selection means discs from all major CD+G manufacturers play just like on the real Karaoke decks.

Rip your CD+G discs directly to your PC`s harddrive in our new space-saving Karaoke media file (KMF) format or standard MP3+G format files. WinCDG Pro 2 also supports the new Windows Media audio file (WMA) format.

Store thousands of Karaoke tracks on a typical hard drive and keep your original CD+G discs safe. Batch convert CDG, MP3, WMA or BIN files to KMF.

WinCDG Pro 2 also plays most standard multimedia files like WAV, AVI, ASF, SND, and AU as well as standard CD Audio discs. Please download and test this software to ensure it is compatible with your CD reader before purchasing!

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WinCDG Pro 2


WinCDG Pro 2 2.7

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